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What People Are Saying

"They are extremely supportive of the builder and are well versed in the current trends of the housing industry."

"CBC gave me the analytical support and tools that made things comfortable and successful in my first deal. CBC was there to give step by step guidance throughout the project. I'm extremely grateful to have CBC as a partner in my business, and look forward to our next deal together."

- Greg M.

"CBC has been invaluable to the growth of our real estate development company. Their ability to provide the funding that we need and close quickly has allowed us to do more deals each year. They have excellent knowledge of the market and often have good on-site ideas for our projects. We think of CBC as a lender, but also as a partner."

- Joe B.

"I have been working with CBC for a number of years and have been very happy working with such a professional organization. They provide great insight on fit and finish and are very adept in the real estate market. They are extremely supportive of the builder and are well versed in the current trends of the housing industry."

- Tony F.

"CBC has been an excellent investment partner for my business.  From acquiring the properties all the way through the construction phase they are great to work with and are very accommodating.  They found us the lead on a property and because of that lead we have acquired two other properties in the same neighborhood.  As a builder that has done a lot of work with banks I can say that CBC is on another level.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a real estate investor. "

- Joel O.

"Working with CBC has been great. We originally had planned to add on to an existing structure, but during the site visit, CBC recommended we demolish the house and build a larger new construction house. Their expertise and knowledge led us to a more profitable project."

- Steve K.

"CBC has been a great asset to our business, providing quick answers on deals, fair terms and most importantly knowledge of the construction market in many communities. Our business has grown year over year due to the great system that CBC has put in place. Unlike most money lenders, CBC's full time job is construction lending, so there is always someone there to answer your questions."

- Paul S.

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