Builder First Financing

CBC is redefining the rules of lending for residential builders and developers with an exceptional financing experience that’s fair, objective and reliable to maximize their success.

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Flexible Construction Financing

CBC provides up to 100% financing towards the purchase and construction costs of residential real estate. This unique financing solution provides builders with both a debt and equity source, allowing them to focus on growing their company. The CBC team is focused on the success of our clients by providing builders, developers and real estate investors quick decisions and flexible financing options.

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Experienced Developers

The CBC leadership started out as residential developers, so we understand the needs of our builders better than any other lending source in the Greater Boston region. We have deep roots in the community and industry which makes us a preferred lender for many seasoned local builders. We specialize in providing finance for ground-up construction, condo developments, subdivisions, renovation projects and condo conversions.

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Builder First Mentality

CBC is focused on doing one thing exceptionally well: financing local builders and helping them succeed. We have created a unique investment program for local builders and developers by solving their biggest problem: cash flow. Our builder first approach enables growth by freeing up their cash flow with a quick and reliable source of funding. Our program varies significantly from traditional banks and other hard money lenders.


  • Extended Closing Process
  • Higher Credit Ratings
  • Appraisal Proccess
  • 3rd Party Inspections
  • High Deposit
  • Regulatory Hurdles
  • Strict Personal Finance Requirements

Hard Money Lender

  • Poor customer service
  • Not responsive & difficult to contact
  • High interest and points
  • Up-front closing costs
  • No alginment with builder success
  • Very high deposits required