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CBC Leadership

Christopher Cronin
Managing Partner & Founder

Chris Cronin established CBC Financial to be a professional, reliable and trustworthy real estate lending company. With a construction management degree, an active general contractor’s license and over twenty years of hands on experience in construction and development, Chris prides himself on being able to understand what builders and developers need to achieve success. He has built solid relationships with industry leaders, providing him with the foundation and market knowledge to make smart, consistent and timely investment decisions. Balancing vision with experience, Chris continues to lead the growth of CBC Financial.

Jeff Cutter

Jeff spent thirty years on Wall Street as an analyst, hedge fund manager and president/founder of a broker-dealer company. He focused on both domestic and global macro data to construct a portfolio of long and short securities based on his analytics. Jeff launched a hedge fund in 2008 where he ran a long/short portfolio of U.S. stocks. Jeff’s astute understanding of the factors underlying the 2008 housing crisis and the forthcoming ramifications led him to leave full-time fund management in 2013 to partner with CBC. Jeff continues to utilize his analytical skills data mining tools, and macro analysis in the lending and equity investment process. Jeff is a member of the investment committee for Hebrew Senior Life.

David Kennedy
Managing Director

Dave Kennedy’s professional background prior to joining CBC was focused on institutional commercial real estate and banking, specializing in acquisitions, market research and portfolio/asset management for a $5 Billion multifamily real estate fund. Dave has taken his knowledge of the commercial real estate industry and applied it to the residential development sector, creating proprietary analytics, market research and reporting tools that enable our business model to help builders properly vet their projects for profitability and risk. By making data useful and accessible to builders, he develops mutually beneficial business relationships that support client growth and make the financing experience smoother and easier.

About CBC

Founded in 2001, CBC Financial was developed around the disciplined values of an experienced builder. Founder Chris Cronin has over 25 years of experience as a successful developer throughout the greater Boston area. CBC offers industry leading financial terms, but we know that’s not enough. We offer our builders more than a construction loan by delivering experience, insight and consulting throughout the deal to help them achieve greater success. CBC provides specialty private lending secured by residential real estate assets. We primarily lend to builders, developers and investors in Massachusetts, Seacoast New Hampshire and Maine.

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