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CBC Leadership

Christopher Cronin
CBC Managing Partner & Founder

Chris Cronin established CBC Realty Investments to be a professional, reliable and trustworthy real estate investment company. With a construction management degree, an active general contractor’s license and over twenty years of hands on knowledge of the construction industry, Chris prides himself in being able to understand what builders and developers are trying to achieve with their own company. He has built solid partnerships with industry leaders, providing him with the foundation and market knowledge to make smart, consistent and timely investment decisions. Balancing vision with experience, Chris continues to lead the growth of CBC Realty Investments.

Jeff Cutter

Jeff Cutter has over 30 years of investment experience. Mr. Cutter worked at Dresdner Bank for 10 years, went on to originate a Broker-Dealer investment firm and subsequently a long short U.S. hedge fund. His experience working with investors and keen understanding of the financial and macro variables of real estate is an integral part of CBC’s efforts.

David Kennedy
Director of Business Development

Dave’s career has been primarily focused on commercial real estate investing and financial analysis for the banking industry. He has experience in a multitude of roles, specializing in acquisitions, market research and portfolio/asset management across a number of different asset classes in the real estate industry. Dave has spent a significant amount of time creating financial models, and partnership structures. Dave joined CBC for his Business Development and Acquisition experience, looking to forge new relationships and maintain existing ones.

About CBC

Founded in 2001, CBC Investments was developed around the disciplined values of an experienced builder. Founder Chris Cronin has over 25 years of experience as a successful developer throughout the greater Boston area. CBC offers industry leading financial terms, but we know that’s not enough. We offer our builders more than a construction loan by delivering experience, insight and consulting throughout the deal to help them achieve greater success. CBC provides specialty private lending secured by residential real estate assets. We primarily lend to builders, developers and investors in Massachusetts and seacoast New Hampshire and Maine.

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